Understanding specific needs in health and social care

Unit 16 Understanding specific needs in health and social care Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care In this essay I will analyse the concepts of health, disability, illness and behaviour in relation to users of health and social care services. I will take a look into how perceptions of specific needs have changed of time. I will also include the impact of legislation, social policy society and culture on the ways that services are made available to individuals with specific needs. This will include me analysing the needs of individuals with specific needs, explain the current system for supporting individuals with specific needs.

Understanding specific needs in health and social care

Infirmity, impairment, disability, illness etc. Disability is the result to consequences of an impairment due to any of activities such as physical, mental, emotional or combination of all these. The definition of disability can be categorized into two different standards namely primary and secondary.

Primary is concerned with condition that affects ability of a person to do something, while secondary comprises of physical and mental condition of human being. On the other hand, illness is a particular abnormal or pathological condition which is highly responsible for developing medical condition with specific signs Lukic, Margaryan and Littlejohn, This particular concept can be applied to both the case studies.

In Baby Peter disability was caused due to lots of injury and due to his age. There exists range of models of health which provides assistance in generating adequate information of this concept. First and foremost is biopsychosocial model which is concerned with psychological along with biological aspects that play a quite crucial role in overall functioning of human being in terms of illness and disease.

In view of the fact that health can be very well understand in respect to association of social, psychological and biological aspect instead of in entirely in biological term Eriksson, Axelsson and Axelsson, As per medical model, disability in person can be regarded as an individual problem.

This model determines systematic barrier, prohibition by community which states that society is entirely responsible for disabling people up to a great extent which has been clearly discussed in Bournewood case study. Behavioral model proves to be of great use in carry out detailed examination of problematic behavior in a person Xeniditis, Russel and Murphy, This proves advantageous in examining any sort of issue at initial level.

It has been observed that due to tough treatment of conditions, weakness of a person and other type of barriers great variations in actions of individual can be observed.

According to given case studies, specific needs comprises of disability of HL in terms of physical impairment as he cannot talk and requires help in carrying out daily set of routine activities.

In the similar manner, mental health related needs of mother along with concerned persons in case of Baby P Goetzel and et. Over the years it has been found that general attitude as well as perception of people has changed drastically towards specific needs of a person.

During the time period of 15th century, Greeks regarded some kind of individuals as inferior among them. But on the other hand, at that time period only Christian Doctrine stated that diseases neither a punishment for sin nor a disgrace, however they are the way which purifies a person along with means of grace Thew and McKenna, On the other side, at some stage in 16th century some of the powerful Christian personalities opine that just because of presence of evil spirits people suffers from problems such as mental disturbance and other sort of disabilities.

Just because of this, few communities even ill treated and banished blinds for longer period of time Moore, Parahoo and Fleming, But on the flip side, due to advancement in education and usage of new and improvised technology along with growth and development of science, perceptions of people regarding disability, illness and so on major changes has been observed.

It is necessary for schools and colleges at all levels to fully accessible to individuals who are suffering from any kind of problem. In present scenario, there exist ranges of legislation as well as policies that can be used in order to drive changes in attitude of population along with having modified policies Zwetsloot and et.Specific Needs in Health and Social Care INTRODUCTION TO HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE Health and social care services can be termed as integration between the services that are available and provided by the medical practitioners.

Unit 16 Understanding Specific Needs in HSC. Home; Unit 16 Understanding Specific Needs in HSC; Health and Social Care Act, It gives various rules and regulations that need to be followed for the service providers and the users of health and social care .

Understanding specific needs in health and social care

Unit Title: Understanding Specific Needs in Health and Social Care Introduction 1 In modern day health and social care sector, it is important for health professionals to be fully equipped with a strong understanding of the needs of the individuals that come into their care.

In the sector of health and social care, social policy along with legislation and culture play a great role when it comes to availability of necessary service for each a group of individuals having specific needs.

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3 Health. 3 Illness. 4 Disability. 4 Behavioral Issues. 4 Overview Of Case Study.

Understanding specific needs in health and social care

6 Overview to Case study. 9 Approaches and Interventions Available. Unit Understanding Specific Needs in health and social care Unit code: M// QCF level: 5 Credit value: 15 • Aim The aim of this unit is to enable learners to gain insight into the ways that health and social care5/5(2).

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