Umsobomvu business plan guidelines pdf

Managing the money flow Importance of effective municipal financial planning and management Effective financial management can help municipalities to transform their local areas into a better place to live and work. Most councillors and members of the community know what municipal services they would like to have in their area.

Umsobomvu business plan guidelines pdf

Business plan In the business plan you also have to discuss how you intend to cope with the proposed electricity tariff increases and allow for possible interest rates hikes which would affect the profitability of the project.

Spatial and development planners and economists

Another important issue which must feature in your business plan is the cost of managing, maintaining and securing the residence. Any organisation that is providing millions of Rand to develop such a project will need to be sure that the residence will at all times be properly maintained and is secure.

You must show clearly in the business plan that you have researched the market thoroughly and are able to show that the students who are always short of money will and can afford to rent the accommodation as they are the key to the success of the project.

Download this business plan to get you started. Download this generic business plan to create your own. Zoning Make sure that the property is zoned for this type of accommodation.

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Zoning is the grading of properties in terms of what it can be used for and what can be built on that property. Zoning schemes are imposed by Provincial Legislation and administered by Municipalities.

If the property is zoned incorrectly, you have to apply for rezoning. Each local authority has different parameters in order to rezone property. Zoning and permits 3. Title Deeds In addition to the zoning regulations, development is also controlled by conditions of title.

umsobomvu business plan guidelines pdf

These conditions are set out in the Title Deed of each property, and can restrict the way in which a property may be developed. Any development of land that ignores this legislation and its regulations can result in prosecution in terms of the applicable legislation. The zoning regulations as well as the property description, and the size, orientation and other details can be obtained from the local municipally office and this department can also provide information regarding the National Building Regulations.

If a proposed townhouse development needs to re rezoned the application is a formal procedure.

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As it is a very complex procedure, it is best to consult a professional town planning consultant or other professional such as a land surveyor or a lawyer. There are other costs to worry about as well. These include preparing the application, i. Depending on the type of application, obtaining a decision may take as long as 12 months.

After the application is submitted it is circulated to relevant Council departments and agencies for comment. Find out who owns the land You will also have to find out who owns the land.

The deed constitutes proof of who owns the property. The deeds office keeps a record of all property transactions. If a title deed is destroyed or lost, application can be made to the deeds office for a duplicate original of the deed.

How do I re-zone a property for commercial use?CHINA POSTS NEW BUSINESS WEB SITE REGULATIONS The latest text of regulations for business Web sites was released by the Beijing Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce on the Registration and Filing of Online Business Operations in the Aug.

28 edition of the People’s Daily and took effect Sept. 1. In the operation plan of your business plan you would focus on controlling the quality of your proposed products.


competitive venture and small margins are wrong. See page of the prescribed Question 20 The correct answer is 3.

umsobomvu business plan guidelines pdf

Give a proposal. Although some successful grant applicants may fear that funding agencies will reject future proposals because they’ve already received “enough” . Following Umsobomvu’s (iv) assertion that “various authors are of the opinion that more emphasis should be placed on training than on business education”, this .

economic challenges, such as a high rate of unemployment, poverty, lack of business opportunities, lack of skills and a high rate of HIV infection, among other health-related challenges. Impact on business organisations - Rates and service charges can be a significant cost to a business organisation in your area.

If rates and services charges are too high, a business may relocate their factory or shops to other municipalities where the rates are lower.

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