Songwriting accessories for women

MUSC or instructor permission Provides more advanced group instruction in the development of vocal skills and techniques. Covers classical vocal production, breath management, English and Italian diction, performance anxiety and performance skills. Provides student performance of vocal literature from several genres and style periods. Emphasizes the place of music and the arts in education, the role of government in schools, meeting the challenges of 21st century education.

Songwriting accessories for women

By Ruth Graham When megachurch pastor Andy Savage sat on a stool in front of his congregation on Sunday and confessed to a regretful sexual incident from his past, he ended his statement with an apology and a request for forgiveness.

Nevertheless, the optics were painful—and so are their implications: Jules Woodson was a year-old high school senior who attended the church youth group. The pastor who she turned to has been placed on leave by his current church over the allegations.

Advertisement Savage eventually moved to Memphis, Tennessee and co-founded the nondenominational Highpoint Church, which attracts more than 2, worshippers on a typical Sunday.

His next book was to be titled The Ridiculously Good Marriage: The story quickly gained steam online, and Savage addressed it on Sunday morning in front of his congregation in Memphis. As a college student on staff at a church in Texas more than 20 years ago, I regretfully had a sexual incident with a female high school senior in the church.

I apologized and sought forgiveness from her, her parents, her discipleship group, the church staff, and the church leadership, who informed the congregation. Savage said he never did anything remotely similar again and that he informed his future wife, his co-pastor, and other church leaders about the incident as he advanced within the church.

I remain committed to cooperate with you toward forgiveness and healing. Savage did not try to excuse what he did. Savage also repeatedly emphasized how long ago all of this happened.

Between them, Savage and Conlee used the phrase 20 years ago or more than 20 years ago eight times during the service.

Actually, it has been a little less than 20 years. Even if Savage had divulged all the details, though, an apology would likely have made them moot.

songwriting accessories for women

The pastor was not applauded for his transgression but for his perceived realness, repentance, and regret. Some corners of Christianity have always been quick to forgive: Recall the performative tears of televangelist Jimmy Swaggart.

Today, brokenness—evangelical jargon for a kind of raw humility— has become the buzzword.

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Even if Savage pursues forgiveness from his victim, his family, and his community, that does not mean he is fit for public ministry.

And there are implications for victims too. By latefor some reason, 72 percent of them were suddenly willing to overlook such indiscretions, according to a poll from the Public Religion Research Institute.

What matters is that this was a big problem and continues to go on. With the entertainment industry belching up sex criminals nearly every day for the past three months, there was enormous pressure on the women of Hollywood to inject meaning and purpose into the awards-season kickoff.

For one night, with everyone watching, they hoped to make the gendered subtext of Hollywood—beautiful young women, monied old men, sexual coercion, casting couches, pay gaps, a white man behind every script and camera—boldfaced text.

To some extent, they succeeded. Almost every woman who won an award found a way to connect her project with the current movement against sexual harassment—an easy task, considering that most of the big winners The Marvelous Mrs.

Some of the attempts at topicality felt forced—see: Even with a male host, for the first time, it felt like women were controlling the somewhat muddled narrative. Advertisement The big protest action of the evening, however, was a total bust.

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With the notable exception of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association president and a couple scattered no-namers, they all did.

Imagine if the men had to wear green to show solidarity, instead of just swapping out their white shirts for black, or worn bags over their heads for the entire night. Or what if the women had worn matching T-shirts instead of gorgeous gowns? What if every woman brought another woman, instead of a man, as her plus-one?

Industry leaders and viewers would have been forced to take notice and reckon with the power of hundreds of organized women. Instead, the show proceeded smoothly, with the unremarkable omission of most of the color spectrum.

The blackout looked particularly silly on the red carpet, which is only capable of supporting an entire subindustry of fashion designers and critics, not the seedlings of social movements.

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The typical chatter of the E! Sexual assault is bad? A few A-listers did make admirable efforts to cede some of the spotlight to activists with deeper ties to movements for workplace and gender equity. Other actresses used their red-carpet interviews to remind viewers of creative contributions lost to sexual abuse and the people who covered it up:Cozy Styles.

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