Skateboarding crime

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Skateboarding crime

They need to chill skating is an art and hobby that they should respect. I understand that they dont want property damaged but it happens but maybe they shouldnt give skaters tickets for having fun.

Boss Man from Brooklyn says: Yo GG Taylor I have lived here for my whole life even my son is a skater well wannabe He is not goodanyway they should really be punished for what they have donw for example, one day I was walking to work and this skater dude ran into me and was like bruh wanna fight and I said no way man they also destroyed my friends property.

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They should totally be punished even my son. He has destroyed my bank account with buying skateboards and injuries that little goon. Boss Man you need to chill out man that skater didnt mean to hit you it happens and if you loved your son you wouldnt be mad at him.

We should all just respect eachother and find ways to work out the problems. People need to stop worrying about the small things and look at the big picture just let them live their life.

Skateboarding is the devil everyone who partakes in this devil sport is never going to get into the kingdom of heaven.

Skateboarding crime

They are a bunch of punk ass kids who have no respect for god. All they do is smoke weed and break stuff and if it wasnt a crime why does the police get mad at them. Go to church read the bible and praise the lord. Report abuse March 16,3: All men are created equal no matter who they are and what they do.

What I see here is a dispute that needs to be fixed by few. Lets hold hands and rejoice to the sound of a beautiful voice and be friends at last and forget all about the problem at hand. Report abuse March 16,6: You dont know how it is to be a skater ,priest and not all skater smoke weed thats just on certain skaters not allI skate and i've never smoked weed before so stop hating and mind your own bussiness and this is not a devil sport its just a hobby we havea hobby that makes us skaters free Report abuse Jan.

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Skateboarding is in no way a crime. A large amount of skaters skate safely and within their limits. Accidents happen as with any other sport or risky activity. Cars crash, destroying property and lives all the time.

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Should driving be illegal? Skating is a fun, healthy activity, that should be supported by a increasingly unhealthy society.An Indiana man has been accused of stealing a missing English bulldog whose skateboarding videos earned him online celebrity.

PEOPLE confirms Reid Albrecht, 22, was charged last week with two.

Skateboarding crime

Crime of the Century, Christopher the detective and his team have just arrived at this palace to investigate one of the most daring heists in decades. Can you help them find out who stole many of its most precious artworks in this thrilling hidden objects game?

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Michael Gonzalez, known for his childhood role in promoting Toyota vehicles in Miami, was robbed in January. Now 17, Gonzalez remains under investigation for the alleged drug deal that led to his. The Camden bench is a type of concrete street was commissioned by the Camden London Borough Council and installed in Camden, London in It is designed specifically to influence the behaviour of the public by restricting undesirable behaviour, a principle known as hostile architecture, and instead be usable only as a pfmlures.come the design is "defined far more by what it is.

Mar 22,  · Skateboarding Is Still a Crime, But the Sport Is Admirable As any soccer, basketball or football mom knows, having two kids who practice the sport means I've spent lots of .

The Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) is responsible for identifying series, patterns and trends in criminal activity. The CAU reviews police reports and calls for service, and uses this data to provide criminal intelligence that can be used throughout the department.

Crime Skateboards - Warehouse Skateboards