Roofs essay

Varieties Metal roofing comes in a variety of styles, largely dependent on the metal used and coatings applied. Aluminum is a metal that needs no coating.

Roofs essay

In this case, the roof surfaces are equally pitched on both sides. However, the angle at which they are pitched may vary considerably due to aesthetic reasons. There are many models of making pitch roofs. For instance, a single pitch roof simply has a horizontal section fitted at an angle.

The pitch angle is never static, and its size is determined by the size of the structure and the roof surfaces. Pitched Roof Layers A pitch roof is basically made up of an inner layer, which supports the entire roof structure.

The first layer consists of the roof support. Several mechanisms can be used to prop up a pitched roof. Typically, heavy beams were utilized a significant construction roofing material for supporting pitched roofs. The use of trusses is always recommended since they enhance the strength of the roof, hence, making it safe from vandalism.

Moreover, trusses are more affordable compared to heavy beams. The outer layer is the second component of a pitched roof, and it usually mounted on the roof support.

Roofs essay

The outer layer protects a building from exposure to weather. Several materials can be applied in making the outer layer of a pitch roof, and they include the following. Asbestos is one of the materials that can be used in the outer layer. It was mainly utilized during the 20th century because it was cheap and non-flammable.

Besides this, asbestos exhibits better insulation qualities. However, it was abandoned due to health complications associated with handling. Baked tiles can also serve as materials for the outer layer, and they can be produced in different shapes and colors.

Although not widely used, copper and leader have the capacity of producing sheet metals that can be used in the outer layer. The metal sheets have the advantage of making durable roofs, but they are costly.

Iron sheets often serve as a primary roofing material owing to their simple application. Terra cotta and wood shakes are also used in making the outer layer.

Pitched Roof Insulation The effectiveness of a pitched roof is always enhanced by insulation. Roof insulation can be achieved through various mechanisms. These insulation options can be applied together in some cases. A warm roof refers to a situation whereby insulation is done over the rafters.

Insulation mitigates potential condensation that may affect various parts of the roof such as the structural membranes. Insulation Materials Insulation of a pitched roof can be done using many insulating materials.

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The second material involves the application of mineral fiber. Lastly, ceiling boards are also applicable in roof insulation.A metal roof will lower your energy bills by about 40 percent in the summer. The reflective surface lessens the transfer of heat into the home.

On the other hand, asphalt shingles absorb the sun’s heat, transferring it through the roof to the home, making the home’s cooling system work harder.

Airports Are Perfect For Green Roofs Environmental Sciences Essay. international airports are natural choice for green roofs. Many major Western international airports have a tapestry of inexperienced roofs over terminals, concourses, parking complexes, maintenance .

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The focus of this essay is on green roofs, which bring multiple benefits to structures, despite a few drawbacks that exist. Green roofs are roofs of building which are covered with vegetation and planted over a waterproof membrane.

Green Roof Essays - Green roofs, also known as living roofs, eco roofs, roof terraces or roof gardens, are a roof design of a building that is partly or entirely enclosed with vegetation and growing medium, therefore, the roof is planted over a waterproofing membrane and it has extra layers, for instance roof fence and drainage.

A green roof is creating a rooftop that is covered with plants, grasses or small shrubs, trees, and soil. Green roofs help save energy, retain rain water, and can add beauty to any building.

There are other possibilities such as producing food on rooftops.

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