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Pre-order Now Eureka Entertainment has announced that it will add seven new genre titles to its Blu-ray catalog: Starring three of the greatest martial-arts action stars of all time Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung and Yuen Biaothe Project A films blended unparalleled martial artistry, death defying stunts and physical comedy in a way that has yet to be matched. Special Features and Technical Specs: Archival behind-the-scenes footage [24 mins] Deleted Scenes Box set exclusive:

Project a jackie chan

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Plot[ edit ] The sequel continues with runaway pirates, who vow that they must kill Dragon Ma to take revenge for their late captain. On recommendation of the Chief of Marine Force, Dragon Ma is transferred to be in charge of the district of Sai Wan after the Superintendent, Chun, is thought to be staging his arrests.

Chun, however, has an excellent record and the "criminals" he has been engaging are shot and killed, so there is no evidence against him.

Dragon Ma and his subordinates later meet Yesan and her cousin, Carina, at a teahouse selling flowers to raise funds. Dragon identifies himself as the new superintendent of Sai Wan Police Station, after realizing that all of his policemen except one has been taking bribes.

Ho, the only upright policeman around, tells them that a gangster named Tiger Ow with gambling dens and other illegal businesses is the kingpin of the town. When his men are too cowardly to confront Tiger, Dragon is forced to confront him with only Ho and his three friends he brought with him from the Marine Police.

After a big fight where the policemen are badly outnumbered, the Marine Police show up with guns and force the gangsters to surrender. After one last fight with Ow, all the gangsters are sent to prison, inspiring the police at the station to do a better job. Yesan, Li, Ma, and Ho arrive.

Li hides but ends up threatened by one of the imperial agents. Ma and Ho, who are handcuffed together, enter the bathroom. While they are in the bathroom, the commissioner arrives.

As Yesan hangs up his uniform, Ma and Ho see the keys to the handcuffs. They break free and hide under the bed, losing the key to the handcuffs.

They see the Imperial Agents with Carina in the wardrobe. Then Yesan and the commissioner sit down to talk. The Commissioner demonstrates how to handcuff two people by handcuffing himself to the armchair but can not break free.

Chun arrives to visit Yesan, and the commissioner hides under the bed, where he sees Ma and Ho. Eventually the Imperial Agents are arrested, the revolutionary chief escapes, and Dragon is handcuffed by Chun so that he can be brought to the main prison.

Carina flees town with the help of the revolutionaries. Chun arranges for Dragon to be killed by a prison warden.

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The pirates attack both Dragon and Chun with axes, but they are eventually driven off after the police show up. Dragon is handed over to the prison warden, tied up in a sack, and thrown into the sea.

The revolutionaries save Dragon and take him back to their hideout above a medicine store, where they try to enlist him.

Dragon refuses to actively help them, saying that he is just a Hong Kong cop.


The head of the pirates falls sick, and the pirates enter the medicine store to ask for some herbs. Dragon intervenes and offers to pay for their medicine, causing the pirates to think much better of him. The Imperial agents arrive and apprehend most of the revolutionaries, to gain possession of the black book.

Dragon helps Yessan and Miss Pak escape while safeguarding the book. After a frantic run and fight scene, he defeats them with the help of the pirates.Directed by Jackie Chan, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung.

Project a jackie chan

With Jackie Chan, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Biao Yuen, Dick Wei. Fighting against pirates at the turn of the 20th century, the Hong Kong navy are failing miserably. It's up to Sergeant Lung (Jackie Chan) to take matters into his own hands.

Oct 01,  · Jackie Chan directs himself and fellow martial arts superstar Sammo Hung in the action film Jackie Chan's Project A. Chan plays a 19th century Coast Guard office who . A pair of incredible action-adventure extravaganzas from the legendary Jackie Chan, Jackie Chan's Project A & Project A Part II make their long overdue debut on Blu-ray in the UK from brand new 2K.

Aug 22,  · Dragon Ma (Jackie Chan) is a determined coast guard officer on patrol in late 19th-century Hong Kong. He battles with a ruthless syndicate in a seemingly nev. John Cena has joined Jackie Chan in the independent action-thriller “Project X,” set at a Chinese-run oil refinery in the Middle East..

Cena is replacing Sylvester Stallone in the movie, which. The Shadowkhan are tribes of ninja-like shadow spirit warriors from the Shadow Realm.

Project a jackie chan

While some are reminiscent of ninjas, most simply look like creatures wearing black suits. The Shadowkhan first appeared in the first season, working for Shendu. It was revealed in the fourth season that they.

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