Interesting events in american history to write about

Determine a general area of your interest. Make sure it is narrow enough.

Interesting events in american history to write about

As a result, many history textbooks have to focus on the grand sweep of events rather than individual stories. Which is understandable, but kind of a shame, since it means missing some of the most amazing stories of our shared past. The Spanish arrived in Peru to find the empire racked by smallpox and devastated by a civil war, which the Inca Atahualpa had just won.

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Most history books stop there. Little did the Spanish realize that the frightened teenager would soon become their deadliest enemy.

As punishment for the escape attempt, he was beaten, urinated on, and imprisoned in chains. Inhe managed to persuade his captors to let him leave the city by promising to show them to a golden statue of his father.

As soon as he was clear of the city, he escaped again. He would never be recaptured. Instead, he summoned all the ancient forces of the Inca. With at least 50, men, he besieged Cuzco, killing Juan Pizarro. A few weeks later, Yupanqui wiped out a second Spanish column, then captured the city of Jauja and slaughtered its garrison.

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Massing his forces, he attacked Lima itself. For a moment, the Spanish conquest hung by a thread. The general was killed and reinforcements forced Manco back from Cuzco, devastating his forces.

He retreated into the Amazon, to the most isolated corner of the Inca state. There, in the jungle city of Vilcabamba, he formed a rump empire from which he launched attacks against the Spanish. Obviously, this was unacceptable and Gonzalo Pizarro was sent to attack Vilcabamba with a strong force in Unimpressed by such treachery, Manco had them both beheaded.

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But the warriors were not yet proficient with the guns and the city fell. Manco himself was rushed to safety across a river. Shivering on the bank, surrounded by a handful of painted jungle warriors, Manco Inca paused.

interesting events in american history to write about

The son of Huayna Capac, divine heir to a great empire, who had grown up in a palace in Cuzco, walked back to the river and shouted across at his pursuers: I am Manco Inca! Born in Italy, Henry was the son of Lorenzo de Tontithe inventor of the tontinea type of fund where the initial investors split the returns between them until all but one investor dies.

At that point, the last surviving investor gets the whole fund. After a failed rebellion in Naples, the family fled to Paris, where Henri joined the military, fighting in several conflicts across Europe.

In Sicily, his hand was blown off by a grenade legend says he personally hacked the mangled remains off and he replaced it with an iron prosthesis, which he covered with a glove.

A 16th-century iron hand is pictured above. And the non-metal parts of Tonti were just as tough. AroundTonti was living among the Illinois, having been deserted by all but five of his men. When the powerful Iroquois Confederacy attacked, Tonti decided to go and negotiate with them, which was a bold move considering a battle was already raging around him.

When he attempted to walk over to the Iroquois, they opened fire, prompting his companion to run away. But Tonti kept going through the hail of bullets until he arrived among the surprised Iroquois.

Who promptly stabbed him in the chest. Most people would have taken the hint, but Tonti just started threatening war with France unless the Iroquois backed off.

Although one chief suggested burning Tonti to death and another warrior kept lifting up his hair to scalp him, cooler heads prevailed and he was allowed to leave.

Before he journeyed to America, Smith was a pirate-turned-mercenary fighting the Turks in the Balkans. According to his enormously entertaining memoirs, he even defeated three Turkish champions in single combat.

He used a coat of arms with three Turkish heads on it for the rest of his life.

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Malnourished and desperate, Smith eventually snapped, beat his boss to death in a wheat field, and escaped into Russia on his stolen horse.Nov 24,  · For my AP US History class, i have to write a massive paper on basically any topic that relates to US History with a timeline from back to the beginning of colonization, to maybe I think that it would be interesting to get some national international opinions on what are some of americas most interesting past times.

WWII - World War II was one of the most important events in world history.. African American Literature - One particularly good way to study African American Literature is by comparing and contrasting two different eras of African American History.. African American Dialects - African American Dialects research papers discuss African American Vernacular English and examine the .

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