How the air force and cia carried out bombings on ussr using the u 2

See more U-2 photos on Flickr U. Flying at 70, feet the pilot must wear a full pressure suit to survive. The combination of being light and needing to fly at high altitudesmade it difficult to control. The thin air created a threshold of just 13mph between stalling and going too fast to control.

How the air force and cia carried out bombings on ussr using the u 2

Precision measurement of the operating parameters of uncooperating radars. Nance Most of electronic intelligence is devoted to the intercept and analysis of radar signals in order to locate radar sites and establish the general characteristics of radar systems.

This type of Elint, usually called "radar order of battle," has proved to be of great value in the Viet Nam air war, where the U.

Air Force and Navy both conduct large-scale Elint operations in support of air strike missions. Another category of Elint receiving wide recognition in the intelligence community is called "precision parameter measurements.

As advanced radar systems with complex modes of operation have been evolved to achieve greater range, accuracy, and immunity to countermeasures, electronics intelligence groups are being pressed harder and harder to develop equipment and techniques for meaningful measurements of their parameters.

Rather large-scale research programs are being carried out to develop special receiving and recording systems, and these often incorporate electronic computers to process the vast quantity of information bits in a typical radar signal.

Studies of technical and operational feasibility are also undertaken to devise methods of deploying these systems in collection operations. In the CIA Office of Elint expanded its program of precision measurements to determine the vulnerability of reconnaissance vehicles and to develop equipment for electronic countermeasures.

This program has been highly successful in a variety of projects, developing a number of new approaches to the collection of electronic intelligence. One of the most interesting of these is the technique for accurately measuring the radiated power of an operating radar and describing the fine-grain structure of the radiation pattern.

A simplified review of this power-pattern technique, although it represents only one facet of the precision measurements program, should give some insight into the technical and operational problems encountered and some idea of the accomplishments of the program.

Power Measurements The first serious attempt to measure the radiated power of a radar for intelligence purposes was made by CIA in on the Soviet early-warning radar known as Bar Lock.

The Bar Lock was a new version of the Soviet multi-beam S-band 1 family of radars which had undergone a rapid and widespread deployment in East Germany and other areas peripheral to the USSR. Intelligence indicated this new radar was deployed to detect and track the U-2 aircraft which were just beginning to make deep penetrations over the Soviet Union.

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The Bar Lock Radar. With 5 megawatts in each beam the Bar Lock would have had ten times the power of previous similar radars and would have significantly improved the detection and tracking capabilities of the Soviet air defense system.

A laboratory that provided scientific back-up to the U-2 program assembled power-measurement equipment, crude by present-day standards, and installed it in a C aircraft. With little advance testing, a series of flights was made through the air corridors to Berlin, where Bar Lock signals were easily intercepted.

The resulting power measurements at various vertical angles in the antenna pattern were not of high accuracy because of uncontrolled errors in the equipment.

The data did indicate, however, somewhat less than one megawatt of peak power for each Bar Lock transmitter, and this was later confirmed by other sources.

Although not entirely successful in power measurement, this project suggested solutions to many technical problems and opened the way for follow-on developments.

How the air force and cia carried out bombings on ussr using the u 2

In a contract was let with a major electronics laboratory for research on the technical problems of precision power-pattern measurement and for the development of measuring equipment. Before the end of the year a prototype system was flown against the acquisition radar for a U.OUTRAGE AT LONDON STING BY U.S.

SPIES. By Christopher Leake - Mail On Sunday - 12th November HOME AFFAIRS EDITOR UNDERCOVER American agents are staging secret 'sting' operations in Britain against criminal and terrorist suspects they want to extradite to the US. Air Force Essay Examples.

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One B returns to the USSR because of mechanical trouble. Fifteenth Air Force Ps meet the formation one hour after the attack and escort the Bs to Foggia. It was planned for the Eighth Air Force aircraft to return to bases in England on 27 June or as soon thereafter as weather conditions permitted, but unfavorable forecasts persisted. The U-2 was born out of an early Cold War need for better reconnaissance. As NATO was coming into its own in the late '40's and early '50s, the world was changing radically. Despite the Air Force's rejection of the Lockheed proposal, the Killian Commission asked Kelly Johnson to brief them on the CL design. Both the Killian. Nov 20,  · U.S. Government Planned False Flag Attacks to Start War With USSR, JFK Documents Show even getting estimates from the Air Force on how long it .

U-2 Spy Plane Crash: Why 'Cold War' Aircraft Are Still Relevant Today when the USSR shot down a U.S. plane over the Baltic Sea. 7 Declassified Military & CIA Secrets] The U.S. Air Force. The information below is from CIABASE files on Death Squads supported by the CIA.

How the air force and cia carried out bombings on ussr using the u 2

Also given below are details on Watch Lists prepared by the CIA to facilitate the actions of Death Squads. On June 18, , the National Security Council issued Directive 10/2 calling for covert action against the USSR, and granting the authority to carry out covert operations against "hostile foreign states or groups" that could, if needed, be denied by the U.S.

pfmlures.coming Intelligence agency: Office of Strategic Services. Although the RBD could carry a larger payload, and fly faster (and nearly as high) as the U-2, the USAF stopped using it as a strategic reconnaissance aircraft in due to wing failures.

Some RBDs, however, continued to fly weather reconnaissance, atomic air sampling and air defense training missions until the last aircraft was retired.

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