Girls just want to have fangs

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Girls just want to have fangs

I can't honestly say that everything in this story is my idea so please don't hate on the fact that I'm not completely original. For example, I got the idea of finding the girls in an antique shop, much like the story a keychain of girls which is quite good if you haven't read it already.

But on to other things, I am thinking of making this into a series and I hope all of you readers will enjoy that as well. I would greatly appreciate constructive criticism, praise, and ideas that I could include in other installments.

I hope that you readers will enjoy this reading this story as much as I enjoyed reading it. Seeming normal to any casual passerby, but to anyone who really looked it was obvious he was torn to shreds inside.

It had been a month since he really slept. The pit inside of him kept him from doing anything else than stare at walls and scrape by, his grades had dropped from straight A's to C's and low B's, he had drifted away from his friends. The only thing that really kept him sane was hockey; he could get out most of his frustrations on the ice.

The reason for his despair is because his parents and brother had just died. They were driving up to visit him at college and got crushed by a drunk driver who happened to be driving a semi on the wrong side of the road.

They could hardly discern the bodies from the wreck after it was over. He was walking down a random street that he didn't remember turning onto. He looked in the window of the store and saw himself reflected in the glass.

Girls Just Want To Have Fangs Essay Example for Free

His medium length brown hair was a mess; the bags under his mahogany eyes were deep and dark. His skin was paler than it usually was, but it still had a natural tan to it. He stood hunched over, appearing much shorter than his six-foot three frame normally was.

He wasn't the strongest person around, but him playing a lot of hockey and kept him fit and strong.

Girls just want to have fangs

The smell of old books and dust quickly assaulted his nostrils and he let out a loud sneeze. Do come in young man. He turned to his left and he saw an old man, slouched over and walking on a cane come shambling up to him.

They were grey, almost colorless, but seemed to look deep inside him. He quickly averted his gaze, uncomfortable with the feeling. The man reminded him of the happy old grandfather image, telling stories to the young ones in a family.

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He watched Harland turn, and shamble to the back of the shop, must be where his office is or something. He walked slowly up and down the aisles, filled with miscellaneous junk from all parts and times of the world.

He was towards the back of the shop when a small wooden jewelry box caught his eye. He carefully reached out and lifted it out of the shelf, a strange warmth emanated from the box that brought a small smile to Eric's solemn face before being quickly smothered by his usual melancholic mask.

On the lid of the box three figures were dancing. The figures were very obviously feminine judging from the breasts they sported. The weird thing about them was that they weren't completely human.

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One of them was Human from the waist up, but had a snake's body for her lower half. Another had the ears and tail of a cat. And the third had two pairs of wings, one on her back, and one on her head, as well as a tail coming from her lower back.

He carefully lifted the lid and on the inside were three small jade figurines.Girls Just Wanna Have Fangs: The Unwarranted Backlash against Fans of the World's Most Popular Vampire-Romance Series. By Doyle, Sady. Read preview. Magazine article The American Prospect.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fangs: The Unwarranted Backlash against Fans of the World's Most Popular Vampire-Romance Series. By Doyle, Sady. . In this article the author discusses the never ending battle for fascination of fictional characters in the film "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" which she expresses disgust over issues that are unrealistic and just a divertion of reality.

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs (Jane Jameson series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Molly Harper. Paranormal Romance Kindle eBooks @ Oct 26,  · In this decade, teen girls have backed the success of Taylor Swift (who ranks above every artist on the pop charts except for Michael Jackson), Miley Cyrus (responsible for multiple best-selling albums, a television series, a concert film, a movie, and various merchandise including a best-selling book), and the blockbuster movie .

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