Evaluate the role of tangible and intangible resources marketing essay

Tangible Resources[ edit ] Tangible resources are the easiest to evaluate since they are visible and quantifiable. Two key questions underlie this procedure 2:

Evaluate the role of tangible and intangible resources marketing essay

Evaluate the role of tangible and intangible resources marketing essay

Whereas preference judgments are generally assumed to be subjective and heterogeneous across consumers, similarity judgments are commonly assumed to be objective and homogeneous. However, there is increasing evidence that, like preferences, similarity judgments may be individual specific.

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In this paper, the results of an experiment examining individual differences in preference and similarity judgments are reported. Using decompositional models for both judgment types, we found substantial heterogeneity across subjects. Moreover, we hypothesized that the "type of attribute" would explain some of the difference found, within subject, between preference and similarity judgments for the same object.

Specifically, our results support "intangible" attributes being relatively more important in preference than similarity judgments, whereas "tangible" attributes are relatively more important in similarity judgments. Marketing researchers use both similarity and preference judgments to study consumer behavior.

While preference judgments are viewed as individual specific, usually similarity judgments are assumed to be objective, error free, and homogeneous across subjects Green In many multidimensional scaling applications, it is common practice to aggregate consumers' similarity judgments in order to formulate "perceptual maps" which are geometric representations of underlying perceptual dimensions.

Evaluate the role of tangible and intangible resources marketing essay

However, aggregating these judgments assumes that subjects perceive the same set of underlying dimensions, subjects make the same judgments about the extent to which objects possess particular attributes, and subjects assign the same importance weights to the attributes in determining the similarities Jackson It handles individual perceptions by stretching and shrinking the axes of the spatial representation according to the importance of each dimension to the individual.

Subjects classified as "hawks" tended to use the political alignment of countries pro-western versus pro-communist as the most important dimension, while "doves" tended to use the economic development of countries underdeveloped versus economically developed as the most important dimension.

However, marketing variables such as familiarity with the produces, personal values, and demographics have not Been successful in explaining-these individual differences in perceptions Ritchie Another common assumption that is central to joint space model configurations Green and CarmoneGreen and Wind is that consumers' perceptions and preferences are based on the same underlying structural dimensions.

There is evidence to suggest that this, too, is an oversimplification.

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Wish found that " These results are somewhat counter to the frequently made assumption that preferences can be directly related to the dimension of a space based on perceptions of the stimuli. This lead him to conclude that " In this study, we will not assume that individual perceptions are homogeneous across subjects.

Instead, the purpose of this study is to attempt to understand, at the individual level, differences between what is important in similarity judgments and what is important in preference judgments. A comprehensive summary of eleven different attribute typologies is presented by Finn For example, a car can be described as large, red and luxurious.

Large and red are fundamentally tangible attributes as they describe physical properties of the car, while luxurious is primarily an intangible attribute as it describes beneficial and imagery aspects of the car.CHAPTER MANAGING AND EVALUATING THE MARKETING PROCESS N umerous activities are involved in developing a marketing plan and im-plementing a marketing campaign.

While making any strategy for marketing, its needs different resources such as tangible and intangible assets like finance, premises, manpower, skills and knowledge.


These resources will assist the company to react in the dynamic condition. This research critically evaluates the role of tangible and intangible resources for competing in fast-paced technology markets.

The paper tells that the success of any business in the fast-paced technology markets is determined by the tangible and intangible resources it has. Evaluate The Role Of Tangible And Intangible Resources Marketing Essay () Mason Judgments", Preference and Similarity in Attributes Intangible and Tangible of Role "The H, Charlotte and Lefkoff-Hagius Roxanne ]: cite to [ NA in.

Investing in the quality of the product and a creative marketing plan can have a positive impact on the brand's equity and the company's overall viability. Both tangible and intangible assets.

Sony’s numerous tangible and intangible resources help to determine its distinctive competency, thus leading to maintaining a competitive advantage. When identifying Sony’s resources, both its tangible and intangible assets are included.

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