Corpus christi college cambridge philosophy essay competition

Admissions Blog On February 14th Corpus Christi College will be holding a Philosophy Study Day for state school students, aiming to introduce various areas of philosophy to interested Year 12 students. The day will be led by Dr Anna Marmadoro and will involve attending students completing an essay task entry in advance as part of their application to attend.

Corpus christi college cambridge philosophy essay competition

Oxford and Cambridge also share a common collegiate structure: Applicants must choose a specific college when applying to Oxford or Cambridge, or allow the university to select one for them, as every undergraduate and graduate student must be a member of one of the colleges.

Degrees are also awarded by the central university and not by the individual colleges. Colleges within each university regularly compete with each other in a variety of sporting and other events e. Teaching method[ edit ] The principal method of undergraduate teaching other than lectures is the "supervision" or "tutorial": These are typically weekly or more frequent hour-long sessions in which small groups of students — usually between one and three — meet with a member of the university's teaching staff or a doctoral student.

In addition, various English language schoolssecretarial and other non-university colleges are based in the two cities. Production of educational materials[ edit ] Both Oxford and Cambridge have lent their names to educational materials and institutions associated with the two universities.

In addition to their printing houses, the Oxford English Dictionary is a prominent English-language dictionary worldwide, while Cambridge Assessment provides a number of widely recognised qualifications for students including GCSEsA-levels and English-language proficiency certificates such as the Certificate in Advanced English.

Differences between Oxford and Cambridge[ edit ] The cities[ edit ] The city of Oxford is larger having a population about 30 per cent greater than Cambridge's in [9] [10] and has historically been more urban and industrial, whilst Cambridge more closely resembles an agricultural market town.


Oxford is associated with the motor industry BMW currently produce the Mini in Oxford, and several Formula One teams are based in Oxfordshire and neighbouring countieswhereas the area surrounding Cambridge is known as Silicon Fen —one of the most important technology centres in Europe—that has presence of large companies like MicrosoftAppleAmazonARMalong with many medical technology firms.

Both cities were built near rivers. However, the sole river is more prominent in Cambridge, flowing through the city centre rather than the two rivers Thames and Cherwell which flow around the centre of Oxford. Punting is especially popular in Cambridge along the famous stretch called 'The Backs', which features a number of bridges and 'the backs' of several colleges that abut the River Cam punting is also popular at Oxford.

Despite many ancient buildings in both Oxford and Cambridge, there are also distinct differences in architecture. Oxford has a uniformity of building material, as a large proportion of the buildings are in the local sandstone.

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Cambridge, on the other hand, has little local stone, so the building material has been brought in from many different sources, resulting in a greater variety of character. The contrasts in architecture in Cambridge are more pronounced, as can be seen when comparing King's College with the neighbouring Senate House.

Oxford is featured more often in literature and the cinema ; films with scenes shot in Oxford include Shadowlands and the Harry Potter movies, while Radcliffe Square was used in the filming of His Dark Materials: The television series Inspector Morse and Lewis are also set in Oxford.

Cambridge may be best known in film as the real-life location of the court race scene portrayed in the film Chariots of Fire although the scene was filmed at Eton College insteador for the television series Porterhouse Blue.

Essay Competitions for Philosophy, Religious Studies and Theology Royal Geographical Society Geographer of the Year — categories for 11—14, 14—16 and 16—18 years.

Tradition[ edit ] There are differences in the terminology traditionally used at the two universities. At Oxford, the three terms of the academic year are called MichaelmasHilary and Trinity[11] whereas at Cambridge they are Michaelmas, Lent and Easter the Easter term is sometimes called "Exam term".

College cleaners in the two Universities go by different names: It is still compulsory at Oxford to wear formal academic dress sub fusc for all university examinations, although this is not the case at Cambridge.

Admission of women[ edit ] For most of their history, only men were permitted to study at and receive degrees from Oxford and Cambridge. Starting in the late 19th century, both universities saw the establishment of residential colleges exclusively for women students: Although Cambridge was the first to accommodate female students, women were not permitted to become full members of the university untilwhereas at Oxford this had occurred in NewnhamMurray Edwards and Lucy Cavendish.

InOxford's last all-female college, St Hilda'sadmitted men and became coeducational.Personally I did the History competition under the title 'History does not have a moral but should always have a plot.

Discuss' and was 'highly commended'. A friend of mine entered the Philosophy competition under the title about the rationality of feeling emotions towards fictional characters and achieved first place.

Essay Prizes and Competitions The following pages contain information about our Essay Prizes run for Lower and Upper 6th Students internationally, including how to apply.


Gould Prize for Essays in English Literature. Every year, Corpus Christi College in Cambridge runs a series of essay competitions for Year 12 students. Participants get the chance to write and think about challenging questions, with the most distinguished entries recognised through prizes and a chance to visit Cambridge.

Corpus Christi College Essay Competitions. share; Twitter; Facebook; Email; Further information. For over a decade, Corpus Christi has run subject-based essay competitions which aim to give students the chance to research, think and write about topics that are incorporated into challenging questions by Cambridge academics.

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Corpus christi college cambridge philosophy essay competition

Philosophy and Christian Theology. In the history of Christian theology, philosophy has sometimes been seen as a natural complement to theological reflection, whereas at other times practitioners of the two disciplines have regarded each other as mortal enemies.

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