College party ideas

As you get older, celebrating a birthday starts to have a completely new meaning. Whether it is a 60th birthday idea for mom or dad; or for a long-time friend or relative, you still want the recipient to have a great time but the party itself has to be somewhat different from the previous birthdays. In a way, a 60th birthday celebration has the same value as the 18th birthday party we used to have when we were young.

College party ideas

Load your grad up with some of truly epic gifts for graduation! No real theme — just tons of fun. He really liked it.

It was a nice change from the traditional. We went to the dollar store and picked up the plates, cups and napkins in that theme, the white plastic ware, the little drink umbrellas and some decorations.

At home, we used the grass skirts for around College party ideas table, put out lots of candles, hung the leis over the chairs and added the umbrellas to the drinks.

Everyone thought it was a great party and the cost was minimal. We met at the park for a delicious barbeque picnic followed by safe shooting competitions and a big water fight. Even the older guests had a blast. The photos are a treasured part of the scrapbook.

We made cards and put a wallet size senior pic of him in those for invitations. Another way we saved… I made all of the food.

Not sure if I am recommending this or if I should tell you to cater! It saved a ton of money, but it was a lot of work.

The food my sister and brother-in-law chose was brisket, pasta salad, macaroni salad, apple salad, a few different dipscucumber salsa, beans, frozen fruit salad in individual punch sized solo cups, baseball cupcakes and baseball Oreos The hit of the day were Stuffed Strawberries.

My nephew told everyone that walked up to the table to get one. If you know what you want to do ahead of time, you can always find bargains along the way. We also used Photo Confetti on the tables with pictures of my son from all ages, another huge hit at the party.

I think we ordered it from Photofetti. I personally love the parties with the unique little touch! I gave each guest an index card for them to write advice on funny and serious. The card was then put into a box that looked like a graduation cap dollar tree.

My son still pulls these out to read. I tried to make the party very personal, by inviting all his family that loved and supported him through school. She rented a bunch of tables to put in the backyard.

Each table was set with a different country as a theme and she hung up huge maps all over the house. The invitations even looked like passports.

We had music playing from all over the world. It was a great time! Of course they agreed. One of my friends parents had a house with a HUGE yard for the party.

All three of us had the same friends, so our parents saved money by splitting the cost of feeding our friends. They split up the cooking and kept it simple, like hot dogs and burgers. It was simple and cheap; they bought everything at the Commissary.

The table decorations were pictures of my daughter over the years. We just set them up all over. Kept the soda cold for a long time. We created invitations with a print-shop program and used our home printer. We printed on standard paper, folding the invitations in thirds, then taped them shut.

For food, we did make-your-own sandwiches… trays of meats, cheese, veggies. It was easy to keep stocked, and the leftovers were easy to freeze.

Plan a fun graduation camping trip using these tips.

College party ideas

That option would definitely save you time AND money. We had egg dishes, cheesy potatoes, fruit salad, mini muffins, sausage balls, and a waffle station with lots of toppings.

We had a great time.So you're in charge of planning a major college party. Find 25 college party themes that can work (if not rock) on any college campus. Everyone in college likes a good party and what a better way then having a theme party which is a great way to give any gatherings a whole new life and let your guest be creative in how they dress.

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I love a themed party so I let Tessa and Rachel brainstorm theme ideas for their party. With a little help from me they decided on Sail Away since they would soon be sailing away to college. Partying in the dark is a sexy concept, and with the Flashlight Party theme you will be able to experience just how sexy it is.

Bring over your wildest friends, shut off the lights, and let the night take you where it must. The top site for college party advice, tips and ideas for party themes, drinking games, mix drink recipes and music.

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