Bootstrapping backwoods brew

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Bootstrapping backwoods brew

Bootstrapping backwoods brew

And faster by how many orders of magnitude? The answer to these questions will have major implications to your science fiction universe in general and your galactic empire in specific. If you have both and both have the same speed, which one you will use will depend upon whether you want to move matter or move information.

As I mentioned beforethe maximum speed of starships and the maximum speed of communications limits the maximum size of the empire. If the travel time of the intel and the travel time of the armed response is too high a total, the Empire will not be able to prevent a rebellious planet on the rim from leaving the empire.

This is assuming that the travel time increases with the distance, all bets are off if you have something weird like instantaneous communication.

Bandwidth is important as well. The Capital will have the data to make a reasoned policy if you can transmit to them several terabytes of situational reports, not so much if all you can send is a character tweet.

Kirk of the Enterprise be the highest legal representative of Starfleet Command in the far reaches of the galaxy. He would be explorer, ambassador, soldier.

He would be the sole arbiter of Federation law wherever he traveled —he would be a law unto himself. The implication here is that there are no other channels of interstellar communication. At least, none as fast as the Enterprise.

Why did this block occur?

Captain Kirk is an autonomous power. Purely from a television point of view, he must be an autonomous power—otherwise the series lacks drama and he lacks interest.

If Kirk could check back with Starfleet Command every time he was in trouble. He would simply be a crewman following orders.

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He wouldn't be an explorer or an ambassador at all—just the Captain of the local gunboat on the scene. For Kirk to be a dramatic and interesting human being. As such, every decision he has to make becomes an important one. Fortunately, the exigencies of space travel—especially faster-than-light travel—support this kind of dramatic concept.

We must make one assumption, though—that faster-than-light travel is possible.How and When to Be Your Own Doctor by Dr. Isabelle A. Moser with Steve Solomon Table of Contents Forward by Steve Solomon Chapter One: How I Became a Hygienist The food available in the backwoods of central B.C.

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They were headed to their internships at a real estate accounting firm a few towns down the line.

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