Are trampolines dangerous

Unfortunatelythere poses the threat of possible trampoline injuries especially to the children. So you must be wondering how your children can still enjoy themselves and be safe while using the trampoline? When children jump too high and fall off the trampoline, the presence of trees, fences, garden furniture, poles, walls etc.

Are trampolines dangerous

Children are at a high risk of injury when they jump on trampolines. Alongside the picture, which has been shared more thantimes, the mom posted a warning to other parents: And a playroom with a mini-trampoline.

Do I need to get rid of it? Should I stop letting my kids go to birthday parties at the local trampoline park? Compelling research suggests that kids fare better when they take physical risks.

Where in the risk-benefit balance do trampolines fit? Advertisement Want to listen to this article out loud? Hear it on Slate Voice. Listen to an audio recording of this article Get Slate Voicethe spoken edition of the magazine, made exclusively for Slate Plus members.

Start your free 2-week trial Your Slate Voice podcast feed To listen to an audio recording of this article, copy this link and add it to your podcast app: So I did some digging. Trampolines are a terrible idea for young kids and not so great for older ones, either.

I was pretty shocked to learn that, according to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, children under 6 should never jump on trampolines. The American Academy of Pediatrics is even more conservative: Kids get pitched into the air and then free fall.

If they land on their feet in the center of the trampoline mat, great.

Are trampolines dangerous

But they can also land on the metal springs, on the hard frame, or on the ground. They can land on their arms, their ankles, their heads, and on other kids. Using data from a national sample of hospitals, the Consumer Product Safety Commission devises national estimates of how many product-related injuries result in emergency room visits.

Are trampolines dangerous

It estimated that last year among kids under 18, there wereER visits due to trampoline accidents. That sounds like a lot, and it is. If 20 million kids each jumped on trampolines for two hours a day and there weretrampoline-induced ER visits, that would be less concerning than if only 1 million kids jumped, and only for a few minutes here and there, yet this infrequent use still resulted inER trips.

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Advertisement What we can do to informally estimate the risk, though, is to compare the number of ER visits incited by trampolines with the number caused by other products and then make some inferences.Trampolines are popular among children and teens and even among some adults. Though it may be fun to jump and do somersaults on a trampoline, landing wrong can cause serious, permanent injuries.

Injuries can occur even when a trampoline has a net and padding and parents are watching. Argument: Trampolines are not dangerous but it does depend on which kind of trampoline you have. You need a trampoline that has a net and that springs are covered.

You can’t have a trampoline with no net and that’s springs are sticking out. Trampolining is a dangerous activity for kids and should not be done at home, an influential group of doctors says. The advice, announced today (Sept.

24) by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), reaffirms earlier recommendations from the group regarding the use of trampolines. In , there. Trampoline jumping poses a high risk of injury for children. The activity can result in sprains and fractures in the arms or legs — as well as potentially serious head and neck injuries.

The risk of injury is so high that the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly discourages the use of trampolines at home. Rabinoff says people don't realize trampolines are a danger in their backyard. Rabinoff demonstrated to Koeppen how jumping with more than one person can throw you off.

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The trampoline industry says sales of backyard trampolines have soared with more than one million now sold every year.

The trampoline is an increasingly popular addition to family gardens. Last summer the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), realising their widespread use, published a policy statement on the use.

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