An analysis of the actions by cristoforo colombo a spanish explorer

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An analysis of the actions by cristoforo colombo a spanish explorer

Italy, 26 August, 31 October ; d. Valladolid, Spain, 20 May exploration. Columbus was the eldest son of Domenico Colombo and Susanna Fontanarossa.

Although there has been some debate about the site of his birth, several documents in the State Archives at Genoa confirm that city as his place of origin. His two brothers proved very valuable to Columbus: Although a letter from Toscanelli to Ferdinando Martini has survived in a copy made by Columbus, there is no evidence of any direct correspondence between Columbus and Toscanelli.

The principal theoretical assumptions drawn from classical sources Aristotle, Strabo, Pliny the ElderSeneca.

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Vincent to eastern Asia from degrees to degrees, adding 28 degrees for the discoveries of Marco Polo and 30 degrees for his estimated distance from the east coast of China to the east coast of Japan. He also saved another 9 degrees of westing by starting his ocean crossing from the outermost of the Canary Islands.

This left only 68 degrees of ocean to cross before reaching Japan, yet Columbus reduced this figure as well. In other words, his figures placed Japan in relation to Spain about where the West Indies actually are. His observations on magnetic declination, its variation, and the daily movement of the lodestar around the pole reveal that he was a very competent navigator.

We know only that in July he was in Genoa, about to depart for Lisbon. Once established in Madeira, he sailed with the Portuguese as far as Mina Elmina, on the Gulf of Guineathus obtaining valuable maritime experience.

There appears to be little basis for the traditional notion that Columbus submitted his plan for a voyage of discovery to the Portuguese king. John IIwho rejected it. In or Columbus moved to Spain, but little is known of his activities there.

Although Dias had reached the southern tip of Africa and opened a new sea route to Asia, his voyage of 6, miles still left him far short of China. Doubtless this circumstance encouraged Columbus to place even greater reliance on his own views.

Nevertheless, Columbus was compelled to wait for favorable political and economic conditions in Spain, to which he had returned by ; on 17 April of that year he received the title of almirante mayor del mar oceano and was granted the viceroyalty and governorship of any lands he might discover.

He touched land on 12 October on a little island in the Bahamas that was called Guanahani by the natives. The mission soon aborted, and he turned his attention to the large island of Babeque Great Inagua Islandwhere the natives had assured him gold was to be found.Rodge hyalino An analysis of the dangers of tobacco advertising on teenagers nett his furrow lawfully.

An analysis of the actions by cristoforo colombo a spanish explorer

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the blackish Kermit. A man of convictions, Christopher Columbus used his strong personality to persuade rulers and scholars to overlook the accepted theories about the size of the Earth to search out a new route to Asia.

Although he wasn't the first European to find the American continent (that distinction goes to Viking Leif Ericson), his journeys opened up the .

An analysis of the actions by cristoforo colombo a spanish explorer

Italian, Cristoforo Colombo and Spanish, Christopher Columbus was an Italian explorer who sailed in the service of the king and queen of Spain. Between and , he made four voyages to the Caribbean and South America, lands unknown to Europeans at that time.

An analysis of the actions by cristoforo colombo a spanish explorer

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Christopher Columbus (Italian: Cristoforo Colombo [kriˈstɔːforo koˈlombo];[a] c. – 20 May ) was an Italian explorer, navigator, and colonizer. Born in the Republic of Genoa,[3] under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean.

- Columbus, Christopher (Italian Cristoforo Colombo, Spanish Cristóbal Colón) (), Italian-Spanish navigator who sailed west across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a route to Asia but achieved fame by making landfall, instead, in the Caribbean Sea.

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