An analysis of marijuana

Individual Rights versus a Communitarian Ethic There are many arguments that have been raised for and against legalizing marijuana as I addressed in my last blog. Most of the arguments against marijuana are centered on the use of the drug for escapism and pleasure. Is it morally right or wrong to be high? Providing a solution to this dilemma is not as easy as pointing out the wrongness of crimes such as murder or rape.

An analysis of marijuana

The market is experiencing growth due to rising awareness regarding various medical applications such as pain management, appetite enhancement, and reducing eye pressure.

The growing number of countries legalizing the use of medical marijuana in various parts of this world is one of the key factors driving the usage rate of cannabis in therapeutic applications.

An analysis of marijuana

The growing research and development activities is also expected to drive the demand for the drug over the forecast period. Application Insights The chronic pain segment held Reports of various researchers, states that medical cannabis is safe for treating patients with chronic pain and neuropathic pain.

One Man Is The Biggest Obstacle To Congressional Marijuana Reform.

The growing number of clinical trials with marijuana to treat neuropathic and chronic pain is one of the key indicators, which showcases rising usage of cannabis in pain management over the coming few years. However, cancer will be the fastest growing application segment with a CAGR of By federal law, the usage of cannabis without a research setting is considered to be illegal.

However, the rapidly growing number of states, districts, and territories enacting laws to legalize the drug is also driving its demand in the cancer treatment. However, the drug is not approved by the U. FDA for the treatment of cancer, which is a key restraining factor for the growth of this application segment.

Moreover, the growing prevalence of cancer and increasing interest amongst researchers regarding the use of medical marijuana in cancer treatment are some of the factors responsible for driving this market over the coming years.


Regional Insights On account of the fact that the medical use of cannabis is not yet approved in the majority of Asian and Latin American economies thus, the regional scope is limited to North America, Europe and RoW. North America held a majority of the share of nearly The surging pace of cannabis legalization in the U.

Europe medical marijuana market, by country, Moreover, growing number of significant players investing in the U.Analysis of “Marijuana Edibles” – Food Products Containing Marijuana or Marijuana Extracts – An Overview, Review, and Literature Survey. Microgram Journal ;14():9 . The following analysis addresses some of the legal issues raised by the proposed Utah Medical Marijuana Initiative, which may appear on the ballot in November The Marijuana Initiative Will Allow Some People to Grow Their Own Marijuana.

An analysis of marijuana

Analysis of Marijuana by Liquid Chromatographic Techniques - A Literature Survey, – Microgram Journal ;12() Analysis: Marijuana Commission Inconsistent in Scoring Members of Arkansas' medical marijuana regulatory commission used different scoring guides when ranking cannabis growing license applications.

Industry Insights. The global medical marijuana market size was valued at USD billion in and is projected to grow with CAGR of % during the forecast period. All companies in the Marijuana Stock Universe are assigned to one industry sector to classify their primary area of focus in the cannabis industry.

Sector allocations are completed based on an analysis of the company's public information including its financial statements, marketing documents, website, and management's public statements.

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