Ameritrade s cost of capital case study

I have now added a twist to the strategy so that annual returns might be less than those years but there should be a much higher likelihood of its succeeding.

What if Vanguard gets Nuked? Stocks — Part X: Understandably, this raises some questions. What makes Vanguard so special?

Cost of Capital at Ameritrade Case Study Help - Case Solution & Analysis

When Jack Bogle founded Vanguard in he did so with a structure that remains unique in the investment world: Vanguard is client-owned and it is operated at-cost. Sounds good, but what does it actually mean? As an investor in Vanguard Funds, your interest and that of Vanguard are precisely the same.

The reason is simple. The Vanguard Funds, and by extension the investors in those funds, are the owners of Vanguard. By way of contrast, every other investment company has two masters to serve: The company owners and the investors in their funds.

Ameritrade s cost of capital case study

The needs of each are not always, or even commonly, aligned. Basically, there are two options: They can be owned privately, as in a family business.

Fidelity Investments is an example. They can be publicly traded and owned by shareholders. Rowe Price is an example. In both cases the owners understandably expect a return on their investment.

This return comes from the profits each company generates in operating its individual mutual funds. Serving the shareholders in their funds is simply a means to generate this revenue to pay the bills and create the profit that pays the owners.

This revenue comes from the operating fees charged to shareholders in each of their individual funds. When you own a mutual fund thru Fidelity or Price or any investment company other than Vanguard, you are paying for both the operational costs of your fund and for a profit that goes to the owners of your fund company.

If I am an owner of Fidelity or Price I want the fees, and resulting profits, to be as large as possible. If I am a shareholder in one of their funds, I want those fees to be as modest as possible.

The fees are set as high as possible. Now to be clear, there is nothing inherently wrong with this model.

Cost of Capital at Ameritrade Case Solution | CaseDummy

In fact it is the way most companies operate. When you buy an iPhone built into the price are all the costs of designing, manufacturing, shipping and retailing that phone to you.

Ameritrade s cost of capital case study

Along with a profit for the shareholders of Apple. Apple sets the iPhone price as high as possible, consistent with costs, profit expectations and the goal of selling as many as they can make. So, too, with an investment company.

In this example I chose Fidelity and Price not to pick on them. Both are excellent operations with some fine mutual funds on offer. But because they must generate profit for their owners, both are at a distinct cost disadvantage to Vanguard.Ameritrade Cost of Capital Study Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

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